Three Important Tips for Better Business Writing

Most projects require some amount of writing—memos, reports, status updates, budget justifications, personnel requests and other communications all call for clear, and sometimes persuasive, writing. If writing isn’t your thing (and for most of us it isn’t), then read on for tips to help streamline your writing tasks while improving your skills.

Neutralize Personality Conflicts

Project management professionals are generally organized, skilled, and highly driven. Any time you have several of these strong personality types working together on a team, you’re bound to discover some tension. How do you keep these self-motivated people working toward the same objectives without letting their personalities hinder progress?

Project Firefighting – Lessons Learned from Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow

Many a great catastrophe has started from humble roots. Consider the Great Chicago Fire of 1871: The initial cause of the fire is still unknown (popular legend holds that Catherine O’Leary’s barn on the south side of Chicago was set ablaze when her errant cow, Daisy, upended a lantern), but that it left the city…

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Project Management Tips: Prepare for Success

Make tomorrow more productive by doing some simple preparation today. Secure sensitive materials in a locked cabinet or drawer. Nothing can ruin a relaxing evening (and put you into a stressful state of mind in the morning) like wondering if that confidential file is still sitting open on your desk.

Project Management Tips: Network for Success

While your immediate project plate may be full, it’s important that you don’t neglect the long-term care and feeding of your project management career. A robust professional network can yield not only new job offers, but it’s also a prime place to forge lucrative business partnerships, connect with potential experts and other resources, touch base…

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Project Management Tips: Use What You Don’t Know

A project management consulting team’s strength often lies in the diversity of its members – a range of experience, expertise and personalities work together to successfully execute a project.

Project Management Tips: Read for Success

Business publications come in every flavor, from glossies aimed at C-level executives to no-frills journals written for those on the front lines of everyday operations. With the seeming overabundance of available trade magazines, it’s easy to narrow your focus to 2 or 3 that most closely speak to your needs, and leave it at that. Busy project managers have little extra time as it is, but by expanding your industry reading – even if only occasionally – you have greater opportunity to cultivate resources, establish contacts, discover tools and identify emerging trends.

INC. Magazine Recognizes PMAlliance, Inc. for Tremendous Growth for the Third Consecutive Year

Atlanta, GA – Inc. Magazine for the third consecutive time has ranked PMAlliance Inc. among the fastest growing privately-held project management consulting companies in the United States in its 2009 release of the Inc. 5,000 List. This list is an annual ranking of the fastest-growing privately held businesses in the United States and is the most comprehensive…

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Project Experience

Portfolio Management
Successful portfolio management calls for exceptional data management skills and diligent oversight across multiple efforts.
Demanding, time sensitive, and finely tuned, manufacturing projects require close attention and experienced oversight.
IT Projects
Organizations must be able to successfully execute challenging and highly visible technology projects to maximize revenue.
Power Plants
Power Plants must be able to keep these vital infrastructure assets current, efficient, and economically positive.
High-profile hurdles and expensive risks of failure make these projects critical to manage properly from the very beginning.
Presents complexities at nearly every stage, from allocating resources to controlling schedule variances, or clearing regulatory & safety hurdles.
Ensuring team members are able to move outside the silos of their department or discipline is the key to achieving success.
Product Dev
Design and other early-stage activities must be carefully orchestrated while maintaining visibility on future impacts and resource needs.
Mergers & Acquisitions
Among the riskiest and most strategically important initiatives a company can undertake, and their outcomes can make or break the business.
Finance & Insurance
Technology implementations call for the right level of planning detail and diligent oversight.
An ERP implementation can be among the most disruptive and strategically important initiative an organization can undertake.