Project Management Coordinator


PMAlliance’s coordinators are experienced in all areas of project management consulting. They work under the direct supervision of PMAlliance’s onsite Senior Project Management Consultant or Project Management Consultant to provide project management services to companies worldwide. Project Management Coordinators work as highly motivated team players, possess professional oral and written communication skills, and possess strong multitasking, and analytical, listening, and people skills.
Project Management Coordinators have at least two years of project management-related experience. They are experienced in the use of one or more industry-standard project management software systems (e.g., Primavera P3/P3e and Microsoft Project), and in the use of Microsoft Office applications.

Furthermore, Project Management Coordinators have bachelors degrees or substantial, applicable work experience combined with substantial coursework already completed toward a four-year degree. Project Management Coordinators have received PMAlliance’s project management training and are certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® as Project Management Professionals® or as Certified Associates in Project Management®.

Report Generation

Project Management Coordinators generate project report packages to inform stakeholders of schedule status and any project issues. Typical reports include the following: (1) Gantt charts (e.g., critical path, responsibility, early start, and phase) that display the project schedule graphically, (2) tabular reports (e.g., update and look ahead) that provide project schedule information in text format, and (3) network diagrams showing project precedence relationships.

Update of Files, Sites, Drives and Databases

Project Management Coordinators enter project data into project management software during project planning and re-planning sessions. In addition, they update project files during normal schedule update cycles, as well as update project websites, shared drives, and databases with required reports.

General Project Management Support

Project Management Coordinators serve as onsite experts in one or more industry-standard project management software tools (e.g., Microsoft Project and Primavera). In addition, they assist the project manager during control meetings by displaying pertinent project report views and running project management software. Moreover, they support project office development and provide general analysis of assigned projects to identify problem areas that need attention by the project manager.


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