Team Communication Dynamics


Think about the first work team you were on.  You probably quickly discovered that each person had a unique way of doing things.  Sometimes team differences are easily accepted and laughed about, and may even complement each other.  But too frequently teams find that those differences can also cause confusion, stagnation, or frustration.  Only when people have a framework to make sense of their differences can they learn what to expect from others and the best way to get what the team needs.  This project management training program uses the DiSC® framework to address three of the most common challenges that teams face: motivation, conflict and communication.  Participants learn simple, intuitive ways to make lasting improvements in a team’s effectiveness.



This course is designed for project leaders and team members who want to improve the way they work together.


Course Duration

The course consists of 8 hours of instruction including lecture and hands-on exercises taught over a one-day period. The course includes exercises on the following topics:

o Identifying Key Style Characteristics

o Discussing Individual Value to the Organization

o Maximizing Work Environment Motivation

o Resolving Conflict

o Demonstrating Communication Style Versatility


Course Content

Each student is provided a notebook at the beginning of the course that is used during the one-day program to follow the lecture material, record notes, tips, and other communication-specific information, and perform individual and group exercises. They also receive a personalized DiSC® report which outlines their preferred communication style based on their responses to a brief pre-class questionnaire.  The notebook and DiSC® report serves as an excellent reference tool for improving individual effectiveness on project teams.



Participants must have successfully completed the following PMAlliance course: Project Management; Duration-Driven® Planning and Control.


Course Outline


o Personal Introductions

o Working with Difficult People

o People I Prefer to Work With

o Personal Objectives


o Discovering DiSC®

o Introduction to the Styles

o The Story Behind DiSC®

o Discover Your DiSC® Style

o Your Value to the Organization


o My Ideal Work Environment

o Preferred Environments of the Styles

o My Personal Motivators

o Maximizing My Motivation


o Conflict and Stress

o Styles in Conflict

o Your Style in Conflict

o Impact on Others

o Dealing with Conflict


o Ineffective Communication

o Keys for Relating to the Styles

o Effective Communication

o Style Versatility


o Learning Review

o Judging to Valuing Ladder

o Personal Action Plan


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