Our Methodology Videos

What is Duration-Driven Methodology?

Our proprietary Duration-Driven® Methodology is what distinguishes us from other companies. It is the foundation of our success.


Implementing Duration-Driven Methodology

Learn each step in the process of implementing our proven Duration-Driven Methodology.


Our Onboarding Process

Timeline breakdown, learn what happens after your hire PMAlliance from day one to the completion of your project.


Our Planning & Control Process

The foundation for successful projects is the use of a formal, proactive control process continuously over the life of the project.


How We Train Your Team:

The first step in any project is training team members. Learn about our Duration-Driven course and how it sets teams on the right track for success. Project teams that are adequately trained are 3 times more likely to deliver their projects successfully. 


Additional Services

Portfolio Management:

Learn how PMAlliance’s project portfolio management services can bring full visibility to your portfolio of projects.


Discuss Your Project, Portfolio & Training Needs