Duration Driven Fundamentals Online Learning Course

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Duration Driven Fundamentals Online Learning Course

Continuing education is an important component in project management success. The skills needed to plan and execute projects are perishable—they often decay if they aren’t routinely used, refreshed, and complemented with new information. Finding the time to focus on maintaining and improving these crucial skills can be a big hurdle for many project teams, but at PMAlliance, we know the value of quality training and we offer a solution for busy professionals.

PMAlliance’s experts have created an online training portal to help project managers and other team members remain proficient and expand their knowledge. Through this standalone class, e-learners now have new opportunities to build on their project management skills so they can overcome their most difficult obstacles and achieve repeatable project success.

Duration-Driven® Fundamentals course content

Our Fundamentals class focuses on the basics of the Duration-Driven® methodology. The course consists of 6 lessons, each covering multiple topics. Videos are included in the lessons to provide additional context while also presenting important concepts in a way that supports visual and auditory learners. An interactive session follows each video to help students reinforce the information they just learned.

Case studies are used to illustrate real-world application of the concepts taught in this Duration-Driven® Fundamentals class. Short quizzes are also included throughout the course and are designed to ensure participants understand each topic before moving on to the next segment of the class.

In the Duration-Driven® Fundamentals course, students will learn:

– How to clearly define a project’s scope and objectives

– How to develop an initial project plan

– How to recognize typical project challenges

– How to develop network diagrams

– How to perform schedule calculations

– How to compress project plans to meet deadline dates

– How to update project plans to reflect real-time progress

– How to effectively control a project through to completion

Because our courses are completely self contained, students can proceed at their own pace and even go back and review material they covered previously.

Who will benefit from this course?

Our online students want a learning experience that prepares them to successfully plan and execute complex, high-stakes projects. To meet these needs, PMAlliance has created a training portfolio based on our time-tested Duration-Driven® methodology.

  • Anyone who has recently joined a new project group that uses the PMAlliance Duration-Driven® methodology—or team members who weren’t able to attend their organization’s initial instructor-led Duration-Driven® training class—can use the online course to quickly catch up to their peers.
  • Project teams who aren’t able to find available seats in one of our in-person Duration-Driven® classes can attend the online course without the delay of a waitlist. They can then begin using the Duration-Driven® methodology in their organization right away.
  • Project professionals who prefer to participate in training on their own time, or who travel so frequently that attendance at an in-person session is impractical, can take this class whenever and wherever their schedule allows.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Professional development units

Industry-recognized certification is also vital to project management skills development and career growth. Students who complete the Duration-Driven® Fundamentals online course receive 16 professional development units (PDUs), recognized by the Project Management Institute.

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