Strategic Projects

Your Most Important Projects

Strategic projects by nature are not the typical run-of-the-mill endeavors that you have undertaken numerous times in the past. They are larger in scale, have more strategic importance, maintain a higher degree of visibility, and are more difficult to execute. These projects are so unique and important that your organization simply cannot afford for them to fail. Additionally, it is quite likely that a company’s internal project management resources will be ill-equipped to address the unique challenges of strategic projects. Because of this, executives often look outside the organization for the project management support and technologies required to successfully plan, monitor, and control their strategic projects

You may need project management consulting help if one or more of the following are true:

  1. Significant financial consequence for delays
  2. Little or no track record executing this type of project
  3. High degree of uncertainty or risk
  4. Large number of cross-functional team members that are geographically dispersed
  5. High-level and constant focus, intensity, and attention from executives
  6. Requires many of your company’s most valuable resources
  7. Elevated visibility in the external marketplace

PMAlliance is recognized internationally for our support of strategic projects. We maintain a staff of highly trained, PMI®-certified consultants who utilize our Duration-Driven® methodology to tackle the most complex and important projects. Our comprehensive process —which is supported by proprietary technologies—puts rigorous controls in place for each project that we plan and allows us to establish an early warning system that constantly gauges the health of each project. Finally, we implement robust reporting and communication systems to ensure that all parties are aware of pertinent project changes and any resulting impact on the schedule.

Next time you are feeling the pressure to successfully deliver your most important projects, remember you have a partner in PMAlliance. Contact us today to learn how PMAlliance can help you succeed.

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