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We respect the privacy of all of our clients and their projects  and therefore do not list each company name associated with the testimonials below, however if you would like a list of our clients or to discuss any of the testimonials below, please contact us.



It’s knowing how to bring the right resources together, internally and externally that catapults your company into a higher level of success and we have found that to be the case with PMAlliance.”

“For someone who is considering hiring PMAlliance, I would say that you have to ask yourself how important is the project to your company, and to you professionally? Can you can afford for the project to fail? Then, ask yourself what does this project’s success mean for the company and for you? If you bring in PMAlliance, you will have the information you need to deliver your project successfully.”

“Many businesses think that because their people have better context and experience navigating the organization, that an outside consulting company couldn’t possibly understand its complexities. The advantage, if you bring in PMAlliance, is they can actually be a neutral company who can hold true to a very fact-based, big-picture approach which really sets a project up for success.”

“If you really want to identify and understand the critical path so you can get your schedule in order and to the level of detail necessary to track what you are doing, you need a company like PMAlliance on your team.”

“The greatest benefit of working with PMAlliance has been the fact based information, they provided, that we could take action on.”

“Our PMAlliance consultant was able to summarize thousands of lines of schedule and multiple critical paths in 10 or 15 minutes every week and boil it down to what was really important. That was wonderful for us.”

“PMAlliance consultants are not just schedulers taking information and inputting it into software to print out a schedule. They critically analyze the information and make sure that it’s complete. Then, they automate it and create metrics to track how we are doing against our baseline. PMAlliance provides the information we need to determine if the project is on track or off. Our PMAlliance consultant(s) would say “I see a gap here or a potential issue there” and that’s one of the greatest advantages of working with them.”

“I’m very impressed with the quality of the people, not only professionally, but personally, at PMAlliance. It’s a great feeling to know you are working with top notch, ethical and good people. That’s not always what you get when you bring in outside resources.”



“There is a real methodology behind managing a project. If you have a complex process, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for support. PMAlliance helps you to be more in control of your project by determining breakdowns early so that you can fix them quickly.”

“Usually a project slips very fast and if you can’t react quickly, your project can fail. PMAlliance’s methodology helped raise red flags in our project that we could then respond to immediately.”

“PMAlliance’s control meetings forced us to complete our required actions and communicate with our supplier. If we hadn’t had this discipline, there would have been more opportunities for breakdowns on our project.”

“PMAlliance kept us on track by bringing important information to our attention early and helping us shift the worry curve. By having weekly meetings, sometimes day to day if necessary, they kept that sense of urgency on the table. We were able to track to our budget in real-time and because of that we came in right where we needed to be last year. We attribute that to our tight plan from PMAlliance.”

“When we sat down as a team to initially come up with the timeline, we came out six months later than were we needed to be. Timing was the most important element of this project since there was a factory being built. Without PMAlliance, I know would have struggled with pulling that into a timeline that could have worked.”



“It can be difficult to imagine an outsider, that isn’t a part of your business, being able to understand what you are trying to do. But, as you go through this process with PMAlliance you realize, the details of what you are doing don’t really matter. There is just the best way to lead a project.”

“We were skeptical about hiring a Project Management Consulting firm in the beginning. Our main fear was “what would be the added value of having a consultant when we manage projects every day and already have the skills and tools internally?” PMAlliance’s methodology brought something different than what we had internally. Their methodology helped us control our project by determining breakdowns early so that we could respond quickly and their neutrality helped prevent conflicts and keep teams unified and moving forward.”

“Many businesses think that because their people have better context and experience navigating the organization, that an outside consulting company couldn’t possibly understand its complexities. The advantage, if you bring in PMAlliance, is they can actually be a neutral company who can hold true to a very fact-based, big-picture approach which really sets a project up for success.”

“When PMAlliance first came on board there were definitely reservations. We thought.. “Will they understand our company.” “Will they add value?” “How long will it take for them to come up to speed?” “ Will they be able to work with all the different groups.” “Do they understand how we like to see our data?” but those reservation disappeared once we started to see the results. At our weekly PMAlliance status meeting, we were amazed at how quickly they were able to go through all the information and get to the most important data summaries. That was probably the very first incite that our folks had about this being a good process.”




“If there is a Project Manager already on your team, you may wonder if you really need another one. Shouldn’t you be able to do it on your own? But, you quickly realize with PMAlliance, for certain projects, you can’t do it on your own, or you can’t do them as well without that level of expertise.”

“One of the biggest benefits of working with PMAlliance was the stress relief. It was a complex project with a lot of stakeholders and people involved, and there was a lot of potential impact on our organization. Having expert support every week and with every step of the project was an absolute relief.”

“Working with PMAlliance is a complement to having an internal project management team because it leverages the skills of both. The internal team navigates the risks and issues and gets people moving on issues. PMAlliance provides the framework for planning, monitoring and management control. They are able represent the voice of the full team and not a particular person or department. The PMAlliance approach makes sure that everyone is included, accountable and participates.”

“All of our project managers that have worked with PMAlliance have only positive comments to say about them. Any internal reservations that we felt initially about engaging them, are now completely gone.”

Internally, people often feel that bringing in an outside consulting company may jeopardize their position, or perhaps it will highlight a weakness, but our people have found, at the end of the day, that PMAlliance compliments their talents. Now, our projects go further than they have ever gone before.”



“As a facilitator, our PMAlliance consultant was meticulous and knew the questions to ask to get at the information needed to map out the project successfully.”

“This was a group of people that spoke different languages and that can be pretty intense and challenging to work with. Our PMAlliance consultant handled everything very smoothly and calmly. He was easy to talk to, even keeled and didn’t get overly excited or stress us out.”

“There can often be a lot of personal emotions during planning and they disturb a project and the development of a project timeline. I really liked that our PMAlliance consultant was neutral and able to direct final decisions so there was less conflict and more productivity.”

“First we trained in the PMAlliance methodology, and then their consultant worked with us to lay out the project. His facilitation skills were crucial in helping us determine the level of detail in the project plan.  We had some stakeholders that wanted to keep the plan very high level which meant there wouldn’t be enough items to track, and others that wanted so much detail that we were going to get bogged down. We needed that unbiased expert to say “you need this” and “you don’t need that.”

“Having a neutral party was a huge benefit to our project. Our PMAlliance consultant didn’t pass judgment on what hadn’t been done or spend time fault finding. He was focused on what needed to be done, and was able to look at the big picture vs. getting bogged down by difficulties that can arise from such a complex project.”

“We’ve received a lot of coaching from PMAlliance as well. If they saw something that one group was doing that contradicted what another group was doing, they would raise a red flag. There was a tremendous value to that.”



“Our return on investment with PMAlliance doesn’t warrant calculation. Time is money and getting it right the first time is key. With PMAlliance, we get it right. The benefit we have experienced using PMAlliance far outweighs anything we pay for the service.”

“Realizing now what we got out of it, and how much time the consultant put into it, the cost definitely makes sense. It was the best thing we could have done. It was a year-long project and the amount of time spent was well worth the price. There were times when our PMAlliance consultant went above and beyond what was expected. He was available on holidays, off hours and times when he shouldn’t have been.”

“In terms of cost, you definitely recover what PMAlliance costs, but the value is so much bigger than that. It is really about “how important is it to deliver what you want to deliver?” You can allocate a portion of “that” value to the services PMAlliance provides.”

“Often, companies hesitate to hire an outside consulting company because they see external consultants as expensive and not worth what they cost. It can be hard for a company to get past that initial assumption. Someone has to be willing to take the risk, go out on a limb and allow the process to work. That’s how you achieve real success and results.”

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