Web Update System

(Available for desktop & mobile devices)

Today, many project management update solutions require paper-based reporting and manual data entry. Our Web Update System automates this process for Microsoft Project (MSP) and Primavera (P6 and P3) users.

The PMAlliance Web Update System will allow you to:

  • Receive fast and reliable project updates from geographically dispersed project teams
  • Enhance team communication
  • Reduce guesswork resulting from incorrect or incomplete data
  • Eliminate data entry errors during the update cycle
  • Increase the amount of time Project Managers can spend analyzing and resolving schedule related problems

Portfolio Management Project Consulting

The update system consists of web-based data entry forms, an administration program to enable project managers to monitor the team’s progress, a reporting tool to review update results and comments, and an interface program to automatically update MSP and Primavera project files. Team member workstations require only a browser and Internet access.


Case Study

Industry: Insurance

Several linked insurance entities asked PMAlliance to assist with the implementation of an enterprise-wide portfolio management strategy to help maintain regulatory compliance and accelerate delivery of their products to the marketplace.


Firm timelines, Priorities out of focus, Inaccurate timelines.

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