Portfolio Management Application

Data management is a critical function, but busy project teams don’t have the time or skills to stay on top of it.

Though information is harvested and reviewed at the project level, rarely is data rolled up in a way that makes it possible to identify opportunities and inefficiencies on a broader basis. This leads to resource conflicts, waste, and last-minute surprises and emergencies that could have been avoided.

Executives often don’t have good visibility into where projects are having problems, even when the difficulties are serious enough to impact other efforts within the portfolio. Communication strategies aren’t always robust enough to ensure the leadership team is aware of emerging challenges, and status reports may not highlight those problems that require executives’ attention. Unless senior management makes a concerted effort to stay on top of issues, they likely don’t have enough knowledge about the health of their portfolio to make the best strategic, operational, and financial decisions.

Few companies have a process for reviewing their entire project portfolio. This leaves the executives in the dark when it comes to evaluating how well the team is delivering its projects. Without a proven portfolio management and analysis strategy to guide them, organizations spend time and money fixing the same problem over and over, and never have the information necessary to improve their long-term performance.

Businesses don’t always have the project management proficiency and related tools to create and maintain accurate project plans. As inconsistent planning and control methodologies are used across the portfolio, any deficiencies in skills or expertise are magnified. The result? Big gaps in the organization’s approach to portfolio management.

How Our App Can Help

Immediate Visibility
You will have access to the status and trend of each project in the portfolio – is it on-time or at risk and is the end date getting better or worse over time?

One Safe Source of Status
You will have access to a list of all projects – their status, priority as well as a high level summary, available in a single place.

Assurances on Progress
You will know if the team is making progress each week, positive gains that ensures the expected finish date remains doable.

Early Warning System
You will have an early warning system that alerts you when the team’s progress is slowing to a point that requires corrective actions in order to avoid delays in the future.

Executive Status
You will have access to an Executive Dashboard so you can quickly evaluate the status of projects / programs and review the corrective actions the project team is undertaking to remedy any delays.

Aligned Execution
You will have a weekly control process that provides the structure to keep the portfolio current and the discipline to keep team members / project managers engaged and accountable.

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