We’ve talked about ways to generate good publicity for your Project Team (more-tips-for-good-project-management-pr), but some project pros aren’t convinced they need to worry about PR—that’s someone else’s job, right? Wrong! Take a look at the range of benefits your Project Team can reap from some careful and consistent cheerleading.

Generate support from stakeholders. This is the biggie, because without solid and recurring support from those in a position to help move your projects forward, your team is likely to have a tough time securing funding and getting organizational buy-in for new projects. A well-timed PR push might even sway key folks who were previously on the fence about your latest proposal.


Build credibility with other employees. Your Project Team might only come in contact with certain sets of employees once in a while, making it difficult for them to understand the type of contributions your team makes to the organization. Good PR will keep them informed of the value your expertise brings, even if they don’t get to see the results in person.


Boost visibility among colleagues in other organizations. There are times when it’s helpful for your peers to know your team is experienced and successful, such as when you’re negotiating contracts or when your company is competing against them for clients. Because so much of project management is confidential within an organization, some savvy external marketing can help to better shape your team’s image.


Attract top-level project management professionals. Prospective employees weigh all kinds of factors—pay, vacation, reporting levels—when considering a new employer, and your Project Team’s image is also likely to impact their decision. A team that’s known for its seasoned leadership and success on key projects will have an easier time drawing in the kind of motivated, high-functioning people it needs to continue that track record of excellence.


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