More Tips for Good Project Management PR

Earlier we offered some ways to build and maintain a strong positive image of your Project Team within your organization. Because many project management teams are still coming back from the effects of the recession, we’ve rounded up a few more tips to strengthen your team’s position as a contributor to your organization’s overall success.

Play up the strength of new hires. Any time you bring in new talent, it’s important to notify potential stakeholders of your group’s expanded capabilities. Filling a critical skill gap and introducing much-needed expertise in a particular niche are great excuses to tout the improved strength of your team. Include information about your new member’s acumen in reducing expenses and streamlining operations whenever possible.

Acknowledge new certifications or degrees. Achieving a certification, degree, or new professional designation is a significant milestone, and one you should be sharing with others in the company. Consider sending an e-mail to the senior staff announcing the news, and encourage your team members to update their e-mail signatures to include the new info.

Give training of your own. This may sound counterproductive, but by sharing some of your team’s expertise with others in your company, you’ll gain more respect for the breadth and depth of your abilities. Basic project management techniques can be helpful to others in daily task planning as well as in managing small projects that don’t merit the full support of your Project Team.

Share your Project Team’s pipeline. This may not be appropriate in all environments, but releasing an overview of projects that are pending approval gives the rest of the company a better idea of the efforts you’re putting in behind the scenes. Be careful not to divulge any sensitive data, and post the information in a place where only employees and/or select business partners will see it.

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