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Your Project Team probably has a host of software tools at its disposal, but is your project management team getting as much out of them as possible? Successfully achieving project success often hinges on the ability to work smart every step of the way. Software platforms, especially those built specifically for project management, can have a far greater impact on efficiency and effectiveness when PMP®s have the proper project management training to leverage them to their best advantage.

The what:  Project management software packages—custom as well as off the shelf—are available to help Project Managers tackle nearly every aspect of project management, from resource allocation to budget creation/monitoring to contract tracking and beyond. Multiple platforms are often used together, some employed solely within the Project Team while others are in service across entire organizations.

The why:  The power of top-tier software suites is vast, and most Project Teams are able to accomplish far more with them than without. In addition, the financial investment necessary to deploy a robust software platform is often significant. Comprehensive training allows project teams to understand the capabilities of each software package and get their money’s worth out of them. It also gives PMP®s a better view on where existing practices can be streamlined to take advantage of their software’s functions and features. In many cases, productivity expectations of a Project Team are formulated based on their efficient use of the available software tools.

The how:  To get the most out of any instruction, look for a trainer with specific expertise in applying any software your team plans to use within real-world Project Team environments. Courses should include scenarios particular to the projects typically handled by your group, and ample time should be dedicated to Q&A sessions so team members can get the information they need to take advantage of everything their software tools have to offer.

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