Managing resources—particularly during times of meager funding or across multiple projects—is a skill many project management consulting professionals have but very few have truly mastered. Resources are an inherently fluid aspect of project management, and rarely is one project exactly like another when it comes to resource needs and availability. This can make it difficult to incorporate resource management into a typical project management training program, but it’s a valuable competency project managers should be cultivating.

The what:  Project management hinges on the ability to obtain and effectively utilize a wide variety of resources, including labor, materials, internal assets, and technology platforms. Solid resource management skills support the judicious use of resources, the appropriate allocation of (and negotiation for) shared resources, and effective resolution of any resource overloads that crop up.

The why:  Without the right resources at the right times, few projects can succeed. Good resource management skills enable Project Managers to determine which and how many resources will be required, where resource overloads are likely to occur, and when resources must be deployed for greatest efficiency in meeting the project’s timeframe. Repeatable success, especially in the case of large or complex projects, may hinge on the skillful management of resources. Project Managers with a solid understanding of good resource management practices are also better able to identify resource issues far enough in advance to address them before they have an opportunity to impact the project’s schedule or budget.

The how:  Because resource management is an extremely dynamic area, training should be conducted by someone with extensive experience in a variety of project types and settings, and using an array of available tools and project management software. Modules with a narrow focus—such as in-depth staffing analysis or resource overloads—are often helpful when combined with the broader narrative a seasoned Project Manager or external consultant can provide.

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