Special Holiday Rewards for Your Project Management Team

Special Holiday Rewards for Your Project Management Team

There’s a lot work involved in the holidays—braving the crowds to finish shopping, getting the house clean for guests, hanging lights, and putting everything away in January—but everything comes with a reward (the perfect gift for your brother, a tidy house full of family, a home that twinkles, and a fresh start after the new year). Your project management team works hard, and they deserve some special rewards at this time of year, too. If you’re stuck for ideas, consider these.

Good company. Holiday parties are a fun ritual that can really help bring a team together. Look for ways to carve out a few minutes with just your group, so the team can relax and enjoy some good conversation that doesn’t revolve around work.

Cards. Simple and inexpensive, a thank you card with a genuine message of appreciation goes a long way in expressing gratitude for team members’ hard work and dedication. For an extra punch, match each card’s exterior to the individual recipient instead of using a box that have identical images.

Snacks. Goodies are always welcome. A tub of cream cheese can spice up the usual Friday morning bagels, and a catered lunch offers employees a way to indulge without waiting for a table at the local restaurant. Of course, you shouldn’t overlook the standard holiday treats. A tin of cookies or chocolates next to the printer is a surefire way to ease stress and enjoy the season.

Presents. Gifts fit perfectly into the Project Team environment. Small denomination gift cards are a good place to start without breaking the bank. Situations that call for something more elaborate may merit a quality pen or chess set. Looking for something less conventional? Consider a camera tripod for the hardcore photographer or sheet music for the weekend musician.

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