Project Team Spring Cleaning – Part 2

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Now that you’re in organizing mode, plan some time to tackle these other important housekeeping items that will help keep your team productive and efficient.

Space management

Review your conferencing space. Is there enough of it? Do you have a workable selection of room sizes? Are the areas tidy, well-stocked, and comfortable enough for a day-long session? Does the equipment meet your needs? If you answered “no” to any question, contact your building services team to inquire about having wobbly table legs fixed, adding communication jacks, replacing too-small screens, and installing room dividers—whatever will make your team’s and your visitors’ meeting time more productive. You may not get everything you ask for, but do what you can before things get any busier.

Now evaluate your team’s work area—is it organized and efficient? Get rid of unused filing cabinets (you can get more later if you need them) and clear stray chairs out of hallways. You might also consider moving folks around if the team structure has changed or if functional groups will be shifting to support new projects.

Personnel management

Go through your team’s personnel records and make sure that any necessary forms—training documentation, copies of certifications, performance evaluations—are complete and filed per your organization’s HR policies. Missing items should be captured and added as soon as possible. This is also a good time to cull any old information that’s past its scheduled retention time or is no longer applicable.

Finally, create files for new positions you plan to add, as well as promotional opportunities that have been authorized for the coming year. By pulling this information together in a cohesive way, you can approach recruitment efforts and mentoring programs with clearly defined objectives, and work with HR to identify potential candidates early in the process.

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