Project Team Spring Cleaning

It isn’t quite spring yet, but the first quarter of the year often brings new budgets, updated staffing plans, and lists of recently approved projects for Project Teams to tackle. Take the time now to clear out any old business, and your team will be ready to focus on the new stuff coming their way.


Closing out the budget paperwork for last year’s completed project roster should be a top priority, followed by preparing for the coming year’s workload. Distribute updated budget spreadsheets to your team to be sure everyone’s on the same page. Do you have projects carrying over from last year? Confirm that Accounting is aware of them and is ready to continue approving purchases and disbursing funds without interruption. Your team (and your vendors) will thank you.


Your organization’s document retention program kept your files tidy, right? If not, don’t despair—this is a good opportunity to whip things into shape. Schedule time to power through the stack of filing on your desk, return reference materials to your Project Team’s central filing location, and create binders for new projects coming down the pipeline. If you have licenses or other renewals due, submit your paperwork early to beat the rush—there’s a good chance other companies in your area or industry will be filing at the same time.


Get activities on the calendar for the next couple of quarters so you aren’t scrambling to find available time later. Focus your efforts on pulling the team together, strengthening communication pathways, cultivating leadership skills, and sharpening any areas that will be put to the test in the coming months. By scheduling these types of events early, you’ll also boost attendance—folks will have plenty of advance notice to ensure that trips and other activities don’t conflict with team-wide plans.

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