Project Management Training is an ongoing process for most Project Teams, but students can get burned out if the routine gets stale. We’ve rounded up some tips to keep project management consulting professionals interested and enthusiastic.

1 – Go online: Computer-based PM training is a great way to offer sessions that are efficient and can accommodate the schedules of multiple students. It works particularly well for short classes, where participants can easily tune out distractions because they know they’ll be available again before long. Online project management training presentations can also be used during traditional training sessions to offer students access to remote PMP® experts or additional accompanying material.

2– Turn students into trainers: Interactive classes can help to keep things interesting, and tapping participants’ expertise to expand the group’s knowledge base is a fun way to maintain a high enthusiasm level. Be sure you don’t rely on any one person too much—instead, schedule several people to present different material. This will ensure that everyone gets the chance to be a student.

3 – Go offsite: Students who are too close to their desks might not give training their full attention— it’s too easy to run back for a quick e-mail or voicemail check, which is never actually quick. Traditional venues are fine, but if you’re looking for something more interesting (and perhaps less expensive), consider the picnic benches at a nearby park or even a coffee shop for events with only a handful of students.

4 – Offer one on one sessions: Project Management training is typically more time- and cost-efficient when multiple students attend, but individual sessions can offer a helpful alternative. They’re especially useful for students who travel or work irregular shifts, and may have difficulty blending common class times into their schedules. If you have a mentor program, you already have a list of experts potentially willing to lead occasional sessions.

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