Collaboration: IT

Project teams rely on a number of internal groups, not least of which is IT. Anyone whose laptop has died on a business trip knows how important the IT team is to keeping your Project Team and its technology components running smoothly. Follow the guidelines below to maintain good communication with IT and ensure their technical resources are there when you need them.

Why you need them: IT support is key to most of your group’s technology tools, including software, computers, mobile devices, and remote access. They also facilitate other services, such as online conferencing and document sharing, compliance with regulatory mandates (e.g., HIPAA), and recommendation and/or approval of department- or project-specific software or network-accessible equipment your team may want to implement.

DO consult IT before you introduce new technologies to the internal network. Rogue software could create conflicts with existing programs, and devices that access your organization’s infrastructure may inadvertently open up security holes or trigger other concerns.

DO work with IT to create budgets for any project with technology requirements. Vendor-supplied pricing may not incorporate the need for upgrades to internal platforms or hardware, and your IT group might be able to negotiate better price levels based on site-wide licensing or service packages.

DO include IT in early-stage planning and strategizing efforts. Their expertise can help spot potential problems with existing infrastructure capabilities or project assumptions that are incorrect or outdated.

DON’T commit IT resources to a project (such as meeting attendance or consultation services) without getting the OK first. Their budgets and staffing are often lean, and are usually based on the workload of approved projects.

DON’T expect IT to support unauthorized software or equipment. They have a process for reviewing and approving everything associated with the network, and their resources rarely allow for support outside of that.

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