Going Beyond Mentoring

Mentoring remains an important way for project management professionals to expand their knowledge base (6 reasons-mentoring still matters), but sometimes your needs go beyond what a mentor can provide. We’ve outlined a few instances where a different kind of expert might have the information or expertise you’re seeking.

Mentoring Mistakes Smart Project Teams Make

Getting the most of out any mentoring relationships is important. We’ve looked at ways to find the right mentor (find-the-right-business-mentor) and how to be a good mentor (6 reasons-mentoring still matters), but there are some surprising mistakes experienced Project Teams still make that you’ll want to avoid. See if your team is being tripped up…

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We’ve already covered ways you can be a good mentor (6 STEPS TO BEING A GOOD MENTOR) and how to find the right mentor for you (find-the-right-business-mentor), but whether you’re the mentor or the mentee, the process takes time, effort, and focus. Is it worth it? See for yourself, with these 6 reasons that prove mentoring…

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6 Steps to Being a Good Mentor

Being a mentor is an enormously rewarding way to support and expand the project management profession. Nervous about jumping into the mentor role? Don’t be—use these tips to make the experience fluid and fun. Also check out: (GOING BEYOND MENTORING), (MENTORING MISTAKES SMART Project TeamS MAKE), (find-the-right-business-mentor) and (6 reasons-mentoring still matters)

Find the Right Business Mentor

Developing a relationship with the right mentor can be a significant step toward reaching your professional goals. Mentors help us gain new perspectives, make better plans, master advanced skills, meet new people, and focus our efforts. Finding the right mentor may seem like a daunting project unto itself, but remembering some simple guidelines will help…

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