We’ve already covered ways you can be a good mentor (6 STEPS TO BEING A GOOD MENTOR) and how to find the right mentor for you (find-the-right-business-mentor), but whether you’re the mentor or the mentee, the process takes time, effort, and focus. Is it worth it? See for yourself, with these 6 reasons that prove mentoring still matters. Also check out (GOING BEYOND MENTORING) and (MENTORING MISTAKES SMART Project TeamS MAKE).

1 – Asking questions is critical to learning. Other educational opportunities might encourage students to ask questions, but a mentor typically has more time available for follow up discussions and can even anticipate those questions that the mentee doesn’t realize they should be asking.


2 – Training is expensive. Unless you have an unlimited budget for education, you’re likely to have a longer training wish list than your funds can cover. Finding a mentor allows you to gain expertise without spending a ton of money.


3 – Niche expertise is difficult to get. In some cases, specific knowledge is best learned on the job. And because the opportunities to gain this kind of expertise may be extremely limited, there’s often no better way to learn it than through the first-hand experience of a seasoned mentor.


4 – Depending on others boosts team synergy. Acknowledging the vulnerability that comes with asking for help—and providing help to others that need it—builds trust among group members. This sense of unity contributes to better communication and effectiveness within a Project Team.


5 – Sharing knowledge benefits both parties. Not only does the mentee gain new expertise, the mentor also improves their skill set by honing their knowledge to the point they’re able to instruct someone else.


6 – Mentoring opens the door to increased relationship development. Many mentoring partnerships pair up individuals who might not normally have much interaction, thus exposing everyone involved to a broader variety of professionals. An increase in available networking opportunities is a common result.

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