Attract Good Talent

When potential employees evaluate a job opportunity with your organization, they’re looking at more than just money. And to bring in the professionals that best complement and support the rest of your project management team, there are some steps you can take to make your Project Team more compelling.

Be visible. Your organization should be a known resource within your community as well as among other professionals. Encourage your team members to be an active part of local and professional organizations, and let potential employees know they’ll be able to participate, too.

Commit to education. Every employee in your Project Team should have the opportunity to continue growing their skill sets and expertise, and prospective job candidates will often favor an organization they know will support ongoing education. Establish formal guidelines when possible so everyone knows what resources are available and the type of results that are expected.

Provide a career path. Today’s job opening may be a perfect fit, but most professionals want to know that as their experience increases, new opportunities for growth will be available. Remember that plans for advancement don’t need to be cast in stone on an employee’s first day—instead, focus on cultivating a promote-from-within culture.

Encourage creativity. Candidates really can tell if your group advocates creative thinking and problem-solving—through discussions with interviewers and even by looking at how projects are managed. Incorporate regular brainstorming sessions and allow team members to present innovative solutions and ideas for serious consideration.

Value downtime. That’s right: take your vacations as seriously as you take your work. Of course employees like it—time off is always a big hit—but it’s also in your team’s best interest, since getting away from the grind typically results in workers who are more effective and better focused when they’re in the office.

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