4 Technology Mistakes Project Management Teams Make

Technology is all around us, but project management teams—even the really smart ones—continue to make some basic mistakes when it comes to leveraging tech tools. We’re here to get you back on track with 4 missteps you should be avoiding.

1 – Ignoring mobile technology. Though nearly every project management professional carries some sort of mobile device (a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet), these ubiquitous tools are sometimes overlooked when it comes to maximizing efficiency. Make sure mobile users can access the group’s files and encourage your team to utilize project management applications that keep them productive when they’re on the move.

2 – Not encrypting sensitive data. In many cases, the cost of a lost USB device or stolen laptop pales in comparison to the value of the data that may now be in the wrong hands. Not only is the current crop of encryption tools generally easy to use, many of them are actually free. There’s almost no excuse for not making encryption a part of your team’s normal processes.

3 – Maintaining multiple copies of the same information and files. Solutions abound that allow entire teams to work off a single master copy of just about any file type, so why are your electronic storage cabinets stuffed full of duplicate records? Some platforms even support versioning, change logs, and administrative privileges, making post-project reviews a snap.

4 – Storing data too long. Old e-mails and obsolete budget spreadsheets don’t occupy physical space, but they might still be draining your group’s resources. Outdated files may be accidentally referenced by anyone unaware there’s a newer version, and data that’s kept beyond its useful life occupies allocated storage that could be better used. Your company probably has a retention schedule to combat this problem, so pull out a copy and follow it.

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