Managing Project Results

For Best Project Results, Listen to Your Team

Savvy project managers are always looking for ways to improve their project results and performance and make their processes more efficient. One strategy that’s simple and effective—but is sometimes overlooked in favor of flashier approaches—is to listen to the team. The people working on project activities, whether it’s planning and executing tasks or handling support…

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Dealing with a Mid-Project Reorganization

When a company undergoes a restructuring, there’s the potential that projects—those that are active as well as any still working their way through the pipeline—could experience some upheaval. People might be reassigned or let go, budgets may be reallocated, operational workflows are sometimes revised, and the company’s strategic mission is occasionally restated. Maintaining forward momentum…

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Align Project Results and Expectations

Have you encountered a project that didn’t turn out the way stakeholders thought it would? Or maybe you discovered that different groups—project team members, leadership staff, sponsors, and end users—each expected different things. Why does this happen? And what can you and your team do to avoid it?

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