On-Boarding Process | Motion Graphic Video

A visual description of our typical on-boarding planning and control process using PMAlliance’s Duration-Driven® methodology.

PMAlliance’ s Duration-Driven® methodology enables our clients to successfully complete their most important projects on-time and within budget. But how do we do it? With a proven process designed to get your team on track quickly and keep them there for the duration of the project. Days One and Two We start with our Duration-Driven Planning and Control training for all project team members.  This is an instructor-led classroom-style course that teaches team members key project management concepts, industry best practices, and a common project management language. The project management training ensures that team members are well equipped to be active participants in the planning process and we believe that participation is the key to commitment and accountability. Day Three Once every one is trained in the basic concepts, PMAlliance will work with the project management team to initiate the planning effort.  We begin by clarifying business objectives, defining a clear scope for the project, and identifying risks and constraints.  All of this information is incorporated into a project charter that will become the foundation for further planning. Next, we facilitate the creation of a top-level project plan. The purpose of top-level planning is threefold:
  1. To map-out the general strategy of the project team,
  2.  To identify the cross-functional dependencies between various work packages, and
  3. To confirm that the timing meets the sponsor’s deadline dates. The top-level plan ensures that the team’s future investment in detailed planning will be well focused and not result in a plan that misses the mark.

The Next Couple of Weeks

With a top-level plan that meets the sponsors’ deadlines, we work with breakout teams to add additional detail.  Depending on the scope of the project, this may take a few days or a few weeks.  Once the initial plan has enough near-term detail to begin updating the team’s progress, we are ready to institute the PMAlliance formal control process. Control Process The PMAlliance Control Process brings discipline and structure to the execution of the project.  Our tools make it streamlined and efficient

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