Collaboration: Marketing

Selling your project’s benefits—to internal users, external stakeholders, the media, or even the public—is sometimes best left to the experts in Marketing. Very large or complex projects, those that impact people outside your company, and undertakings that leverage government or public money often employ a Marketing team to help smooth the flow of information and help everyone understand what your project will accomplish.

Why you need them: Marketing will focus on evaluating your project and determining which aspects will be the most compelling to various groups. Understanding the needs and concerns of individuals and organizations is their specialty, along with then connecting those needs and concerns to the benefits and improvements that will result from your project.

DO consult with them on which types of champions or advocates may be interested in supporting your project. Market research is their business, so leverage them when looking for stakeholders.

DO provide Marketing with reasonable access to end users or others on your project team. Efforts could include case studies and other in-depth marketing collateral, much of which will require gathering user feedback or on-the-ground perspectives.

DO let end users and other stakeholders know which Marketing representative is the main contact for your project. This eliminates duplicate requests for information, and will often squelch any reluctance on the part of other team members to discuss the project.

DON’T withhold project information that could be materially important later. Instead, let your marketing point person know that some data may be confidential, or that further analysis could alter the information prior to its release.

DON’T assume that Marketing utilizes—or even understands—your project management methodology. Providing an overview of your team’s infrastructure and approach might be a smart time investment, to be sure that incorrect assumptions aren’t incorporated into final marketing materials.

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