Collaboration: HR

Some of your Project Team’s most valuable assets leave the building every day. Workers—not just employees, but also temps, contractors, and consultants—bring their experience, tackle the task lists, and keep your organization’s projects moving toward success. The Human Resources team is perfectly positioned to procure and maximize your Project Team’s people power.

Why you need them: The team in HR knows how to find the best qualified candidates, move people into and out of your Project Team as needs change, correct the behaviors of employees who aren’t meeting expectations, and help support the growth of your team’s high achievers. They’re also there to help managers deal with sticky situations, some of which could bring organizational or even legal implications.

DO respect HR’s expertise when it comes to interviewing and selecting candidates. While you may have a close-in perspective of how someone will meet your team’s needs, HR brings a wider view of what makes a successful employee/employer match.

DO keep HR in the loop on potential staffing needs. Even in a rough economy it takes time to source good candidates, so give them enough notice to find the right mix of skills and experience.

DO notify HR as soon as personnel issues crop up. Many companies have detailed procedures that managers must follow when dealing with discipline, promotions, transfers, leaves of absence, and other events.

DON’T assume HR’s budget pays for either full time or temporary personnel. Instead, discuss your needs with them and ask how the funding process works. Even if it’s your budget in the end, they may still be able to help you prepare a solid business case for additional staff.

DON’T wait until a performance issue has evolved into an emergency. HR can offer strategies to deal with difficult working situations before they impact your Project Team’s success.

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