Project Sponsors

Executive Support Contributes to Project Success | PMAlliance Project Management Blog

Enthusiastic backing from sponsors and champions is often a primary factor behind a project’s success. Another group that can lend an elevated level of advocacy to PMP®s is the executive team. With their influence and authority, high-ranking members of the organization’s leadership body can offer support that goes above and beyond what’s available from other…

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Find The Best Project Sponsors

Projects teams have plenty of hurdles to navigate—funding is sometimes difficult to secure and the increasingly competitive marketplace demands near-constant innovation. This makes the right project sponsorship a priority. Sponsors are often instrumental in getting access to key resources and gaining cooperation across multiple stakeholder groups. But how do you find the best sponsors? What…

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The Benefits of Including Project Sponsors in Your Training Program

Corporate America invests millions of dollars each year in project management – offices, technology, project management training, and project management consulting support. Conversely, data reflects that even with project management being a relatively common process used at most companies; project success rates do not reflect the investment. Studies show that project management success rates range between…

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