Project Management Training


Project management doesn’t happen in a vacuum. A large portion of the discipline revolves around people and the dynamics at work when they get together—conducting needs assessments, justifying objectives and costs to leadership teams, coordinating with end users to mitigate project impacts, communicating with stakeholders, and devising practical solutions to potential problems. Unfortunately, many project management training…

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Check out PMAlliance’s infographic on the importance of Project Management Training. It has some great statistics on the benefits that proper PM Training can bring to your projects. Even if your organization’s processes have been refined over the years, it’s up to YOU to follow and further improve them. Also check out our other Training Infographic…

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Project Management Training: Delegating Tasks

Project Management Training Delegating tasks is an important way for you to balance your group’s workload while also helping project management team members to grow. But farming out responsibilities can be a daunting task by itself. We’ve put together some principles to help you get the best results from delegating within your Project Team. Why: There…

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Skillfully Combining Hard Copies with Electronic Documentation

The shift to electronic documentation is in full swing, but hard copies haven’t been rendered obsolete quite yet. An efficient project may be best served by skillfully combining formats and allowing project management team members and stakeholders to access materials in the way best suited to each type of document. Understanding how materials are used, distributed and…

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6 Tricks for Getting More Project Management Training in your Project Team

We’ve gone over the benefits of Project Management Training and even some of the secrets to putting together a good training program. But sometimes just figuring out when to pack training into an already crowded schedule is the hardest part. Below are 6 ninja tricks for getting more project management training in your Project Team. 1 – Make…

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