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Why Power Plant Projects Need Real-Time Status Updates

Information is one of the core pillars underpinning every successful project. With the evolution of technology and more compute power available than ever before, there’s little reason centers of excellence should continue to rely on data that may be days or even weeks old when it comes to identifying potential issues, forecasting activity schedules, making strategic decisions, and pouncing on opportunities in the marketplace.

A robust project management methodology enables the team to access the kind of real-time status updates that are critical to success. If your Project Team hasn’t yet prioritized the use of real-time data, consider how it could improve the landscape for team members, executives, and the other stakeholders involved in the effort.

Power Plant Projects Bring Unique Communication Challenges

Strong communication skills are a must for any project manager. But when it comes to planning and executing projects in the highly demanding power plant environment, the ability to craft, plan for, and oversee communication efforts moves to the top of the priority ladder. Tackling these unique challenges requires experience and expertise.

Partnering with an External Consultancy: Facts & Fears| PMAlliance Project Management Blog

Executive groups and internal project team members are often unsure what it means to partner with an outside project management firm. There may be concerns about job stability for Project Team staff or the potential for damage to the team’s reputation. Some people worry about the logistics of working with an external expert and how it might contribute to a difficult environment, where workloads, time pressures, and stress levels are already high.

These are reasonable concerns but they’re typically based on the unknown. They don’t reflect the reality of partnering with an experienced outside consultancy. We’ve compiled some of the most common fears we hear from potential clients and balanced them against the facts of how a relationship with an external expert functions in the real world.

If your organization is considering an external consultancy but fear is holding you back, see how a partnership with an outside project management expert really works.

How to Handle Project Stress and Panic

Several strategies can be deployed to help Project Teams avoid lapsing into panic when the pressure mounts, whether it’s because of an emergent problem or because there simply seems to be too much to do. Knowing where to draw the line is key when balancing stress levels.

Boosting Long-Term Project Performance With An Outside Consultancy

Project teams often partner with outside consultancies for a finite period of time, whether it’s to plan and execute a few specific projects or to work through challenges for the duration of a budget cycle. While that active time is important in the growth of the Project Team, savvy project teams should also be looking…

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Does Your Outside Consulting Firm Really Know You?

Working with an external consultancy offers the opportunity to leverage a slew of resources that likely don’t exist at the same level in your Project Team. But some project teams worry that an outside firm won’t really understand what the team does or how the organization operates. Overcoming this stumbling block requires the team to…

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How much is lack of adequate training hurting your organization?

It’s not surprising to learn that lack of adequate project management training for team members can have a devastating impact on your project timelines and budget. See how a trained versus untrained team can impact your projects, but more importantly, your ability to make informed business decisions that could seriously impact your organization’s future. Want…

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Back To School In The Project Team

With many families focused on back-to-school rituals, it’s time to see how the project office environment can mirror the excitement and sense of opportunity that often comes with returning to class. Summer vacations are winding down and many project teams are gearing up to deal with everything from inclement weather to the start of the…

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5 Unsung Perks of Project Training

Many of the benefits of project training are obvious and straightforward. Individuals expand their skill sets and the Project Team gains the ability to take on additional types of projects. But the upsides to supporting a strong ongoing instruction program run deeper than that. If your team hasn’t yet made training a priority for its…

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Project Training: Balancing Structure With Flexibility

A solid training program is an essential tool to ensure PMP®s achieve the right kind of project management training for the projects the Project Team typically handles. But there are several approaches a project office can take to develop an effective and relevant strategy for its specific needs. Informal training programs offer maximum flexibility while…

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