Break Down Your Project Silos

The silo mentality can be a serious threat to a project. It closes team members off from each other and stifles the flow of information. The ability to make good business decisions, develop resolutions to problems, and even properly identify issues are all diminished if cooperation among cross-functional groups is hampered by organizational project silos….

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4 Reasons Your Project Team Needs to Be Engaged

When it comes to developing a thorough and workable project plan, team participation sounds like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, PMs sometimes forego involving the wider team in these crucial early project planning efforts. The reasons for their decision vary, but two of the most common explanations are also the simplest: The time and effort required. Executives…

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Ask Better Questions To Boost Vendor Value

Vendors bring a lot to the table when it comes to planning and executing projects. But savvy PMP®s have learned that a vendor’s value often extends far beyond carrying out the core duties the Project Team hired them to do. There may be expertise and resources lurking under the surface that project teams overlook. If…

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Setting aside small amounts of time every day to accomplish big things is a popular strategy. With the hectic schedules that are typical for most project management professionals, it can be tremendously effective. The tasks PMP®s can tackle with this simple approach are as diverse as they are impressive. If you’re looking for a way…

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Remember The Rewards

There’s a lot work involved in the holidays—braving the crowds to finish shopping, getting the house clean for guests, hanging lights, and putting everything away in January—but everything comes with a reward (the perfect gift for your brother, a tidy house full of family, a home that twinkles, and a fresh start after the new…

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Ready, Set, Delegate!

We’ve already covered the basics of delegation methodology (DELEGATION 101) and (5 SIGNS YOU AREN’T DELEGATING ENOUGH), but what if you’re still feeling swamped and just need to get on with it? Below is a quick-start guide to help you pick the right tasks to delegate, the right people to take them on, and how to…

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5 Signs You Aren’t Delegating Enough

In an earlier post (DELEGATION 101) and (READY, SET, DELEGATE!) we covered some delegation basics, including how and why to assign tasks to others in your group and what to keep for yourself. Now let’s look at five common signs that you still aren’t delegating enough.

Delegation 101

Delegating tasks is an important way for you to balance your group’s workload while also helping team members to grow. But farming out responsibilities can be a daunting task by itself. We’ve put together some principles to help you get the best results from delegating within your Project Team.