As we usher in 2014 and its newly-approved projects, it’s easy to become mired in the daily grind. But there are some overarching principles Project Managers should keep in mind to help maintain their focus on project management—and career—success.

1 – Project advocacy starts with you. Does your Project Team need to boost its advocacy skills? Don’t let that stop you from doing the best you can. Be an example, and let others see what they can gain by following your lead.

2 – Everyone on the project team plays a role in advocacy. While you can act as a model for the rest of your group, you can also help them become advocates in their own right. Encourage them to embrace their advocacy role and the success it brings.

3 – Training opportunities don’t fall from the sky. You’ll need to work hard to fit education into an already overstuffed workload. Start planning project management training sessions now, and keep your eyes open for events that allow you to combine education with networking or other job growth activities.

4 – Best practices aren’t static. They are evolving creatures that require ongoing care. Stay current on thought leadership trends, adjust your practices as conditions and your own skills warrant, and be willing to leave outdated approaches behind.

5 – Stakeholders need regular attention. Renew your commitment to good stakeholder communication. Proactive conversations should be paired with post-project wrap-ups, and stakeholders should be encouraged to raise issues or ask questions any time.

6 – It’s OK to pat yourself on the back in public. Remember that stakeholders and leadership teams don’t always see the hard work you and your group do. Rather than let your accomplishments slip into obscurity, hone your PR skills as a way to garner necessary support when you need it.

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