Soliciting feedback (project-management-leveraging-user-surveys) from your end users at the end of every project is a great way find out how your Project Team is doing and what they can do better (reasons-your-end-users-are-unhappy). But unless you’ve put some thought into which questions you put in front of end users, you might be missing out on an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction. A lack of follow up could also result in some portion of your project going unfinished, or you could have created new problems for users that you don’t even know about. We’ve put together a list of 5 questions to give you a good head start on gathering useful information.

Did the project address all of your concerns? This question will help identify the issues that might still be outstanding. Be sure to include space (or a follow-up question) that allows users to list anything that’s still unresolved.


Were project communications timely and informative? Users’ feedback will help you understand if you need to tweak your normal communication program to make broadcasts more targeted, more widespread, more frequent, or more detailed.


Was support available when you needed it? Users may be wanting help at times that your team isn’t offering it, making the support you do give them less effective. Follow up with individual users to find out what would have more closely matched their needs.


Was the project team approachable and available? If end users aren’t comfortable contacting your team members directly, consider selecting one or two accessible individuals with exceptional communications skills to act as a conduit.


Was the project’s outcome what you expected? This question will help you drill down to one of your project’s primary objectives: accurately identifying users’ needs and concerns. Again, be sure to follow up with users for additional direction on their outstanding questions or concerns.

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