4 Ways Project Teams Are Using Video

It seems everyone has a YouTube channel these days, but does video really have a place in your Project Team? In almost all cases, the answer is yes. From documenting work processes to showing off your team’s project management prowess, videos can help you woo stakeholders, share information with end users, and even do a little PR. If you aren’t sure where to point the camera, here are some suggestions to get you started.

A word of warning: Be mindful of your organization’s policies on taking either still pictures or videos of their facilities, equipment, people, and processes. Some companies restrict where and when cameras can be used, and which individuals are authorized to view the images.


1 – Capturing low-performing or inefficient processes. This is especially useful if you’re still building support for a not-yet-approved project. By showing stakeholders the details of a disorganized or wasteful process, your video could be helpful in swaying anyone who doubted the need for change.


2 – Documenting unsafe areas or practices. Videos can be a powerful tool when convincing supporters or a skeptical executive team that improvements really are necessary. It may also be the only good solution when the affected area is remote or difficult to access.


3 – Interviewing end users about challenges they’d like to have addressed. Not only is this a terrific way to gather concrete—and often candid—information during the planning phase, it’s also something your team can turn into a compelling marketing tool when used in a before-and-after video (see #4).


4 – Comparing before-and-after efficiencies. Few things are more persuasive than when stakeholders see with their own eyes the improvements your Project Team has made. Look for examples of time savings, better usability of equipment, more efficient material warehousing, increased production capabilities, and anything else that showcases your team’s success.

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