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Power Plant Projects Bring Unique Communication Challenges


Strong communication skills are a must for any project manager. But when it comes to planning and executing projects in the highly demanding power plant environment, the ability to craft, plan for, and oversee communication efforts moves to the top of the priority ladder. Tackling these unique challenges requires experience and expertise.

Partnering with an External Consultancy: Facts & Fears


Executive groups and internal project team members are often unsure what it means to partner with an outside project management firm. There may be concerns about job stability for PMO staff or the potential for damage to the team’s reputation. Some people worry about the logistics of working with an external expert and how it might contribute to a difficult environment, where workloads, time pressures, and stress levels are already high.

These are reasonable concerns but they’re typically based on the unknown. They don’t reflect the reality of partnering with an experienced outside consultancy. We’ve compiled some of the most common fears we hear from potential clients and balanced them against the facts of how a relationship with an external expert functions in the real world.

If your organization is considering an external consultancy but fear is holding you back, see how a partnership with an outside project management expert really works.

Project Management: Stress Vs. Panic

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Several strategies can be deployed to help PMOs avoid lapsing into panic when the pressure mounts, whether it’s because of an emergent problem or because there simply seems to be too much to do. Knowing where to draw the line is key when balancing stress levels.

Costs And Benefits Of Working With An Outside Consultancy


Worried you can’t afford the support of an external project partner? You aren’t alone. Project teams often recognize the need for—and usefulness of—outside consultancy firms, but many harbor concerns about the cost or feel they won’t be able to justify the expenditure to the organization’s leadership team. Before your PMO completely writes off the possibility…

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Dealing With Poor Performers

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A frequent concern among project management team leaders is how best to manage strong performers. How can their potential be maximized? Where can their strengths take them? Is it possible to get their talents to rub off on others? The flip side to this concern is managing those team members whose performance isn’t quite up…

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Corporate management and consulting

Project teams, charged with executing complex projects with increasingly lean resources, are leveraging project management consultants and outside experts more often. A few simple steps can help to ensure these crucial relationships are efficient and productive. Divulge what you don’t know. If there are aspects of the project that are still pending final confirmation, be…

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On the surface, a soapbox derby seems to have little in common with project management. But project management professionals can actually learn quite a bit by observing how soapbox teams achieve project success. Some projects are huge. Scale doesn’t have to be about complexity or duration. Sometimes projects are simply so monumental—in a career, in…

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project management report

Checklists are fantastic tools for project management professionals. They’re useful for everything from ensuring the right people are included on important e-mails to closing out contract negotiations. But there are some areas where checklists leave something to be desired. Below we’ve pulled together a few common places where checklists fail, and what PMP®s can do…

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The Benefits of Including Project Sponsors in Your Training Program


Corporate America invests millions of dollars each year in project management – offices, technology, project management training, and project management consulting support. Conversely, data reflects that even with project management being a relatively common process used at most companies; project success rates do not reflect the investment. Studies show that project management success rates range between…

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Project management professionals often find it difficult to gain good visibility for the risk management work they do. Unfortunately, executive-level stakeholders don’t always understand the importance of the project office’s risk management function. This makes it tough to garner support when it’s needed and also increases the difficulty of championing the team’s ability to effectively manage…

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