Power Plant Projects Bring Unique Communication Challenges


Strong communication skills are a must for any project manager. But when it comes to planning and executing projects in the highly demanding power plant environment, the ability to craft, plan for, and oversee communication efforts moves to the top of the priority ladder. Tackling these unique challenges requires experience and expertise.

Outside Consultancies Fill Multiple Roles

Consultants fill multiple roles

Every project office has its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. As time goes on, the needs of a PMO routinely change and additional areas of necessary expertise often emerge. New projects may require different or more advanced skills than the organization possesses in-house. Key members might have left the team or they could…

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Competitive Advantages Of An Outside Consulting Firm

Competitive advantage

The right outside partnership can pay huge dividends, not just during a project’s active lifecycle but also long afterward in ongoing benefits to the PMO. In fact, savvy project teams should plan to turn the lessons learned from working with an external consultancy into a competitive advantage that increases morale, attracts higher-quality candidates, and cements…

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Why You Should Stop Solving Problems

Much of a project team’s efforts focus on solving problems. Concerns run the gamut, from learning that critical equipment or other supplies will be delayed to questions about how end users are likely to react to a changed work environment. Nurturing the skills needed to troubleshoot such a wide variety of problems is important, and…

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5 Trends That Spell Project Trouble

Telescope looking over the ocean

One important skill PMP®s possess is the ability to spot trends and determine what impact they may have on a project. That same competency can benefit the team in other ways, too. Aside from typical concerns—difficult labor market conditions, lack of raw materials availability, etc.—project teams should also be attuned to internal trends that could…

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Control Conflict With A Skilled External Facilitator

project management heroes

Most project teams endure conflict without a hitch. It’s a normal part of the process and an activity that helps the team make the best decisions and craft the most efficient solutions to problems. But if stakeholders or others are particularly onerous—or if one party has enough influence to quell dissenters and get their way…

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Boost Project Budget Adherence With An Outside Consultant

project management consulting help

There are many reasons to partner with an outside consulting firm. Some PMOs need the help of an expert with a neutral perspective, for example, while others are looking for guidance in a specific niche to augment their internal knowledge base. Many project teams simply need the assistance of a firm with experience in strong…

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Do You Worry About Being Replaced?

office Space

The opportunity to work with an outside consulting firm can sometimes prompt PMP®s to worry that the external project expert will replace them. But that’s not how the collaboration works, and it’s a concern that could potentially stop a project team from getting the support they require just when they need it the very most….

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What Can An External Facilitator Do For You?


As project teams look to make the most of their limited resources by rounding out the PMO’s skill set, facilitation is often low on the priority list. Sometimes seen as a soft skill, a strong facilitator actually has the power to move projects forward like few other competencies can. But most people working at the…

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