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There are many potential challenges hiding within manufacturing projects. Without the right kind of planning and preparation, issues can crop up with little warning and cause Project Teams to compensate by cutting corners, either in the level of work being performed, the materials used, or even in the overall scope of the project.

Why Power Plant Projects Need Real-Time Status Updates

Information is one of the core pillars underpinning every successful project. With the evolution of technology and more compute power available than ever before, there’s little reason centers of excellence should continue to rely on data that may be days or even weeks old when it comes to identifying potential issues, forecasting activity schedules, making strategic decisions, and pouncing on opportunities in the marketplace.

A robust project management methodology enables the team to access the kind of real-time status updates that are critical to success. If your Project Team hasn’t yet prioritized the use of real-time data, consider how it could improve the landscape for team members, executives, and the other stakeholders involved in the effort.

Technology Gotchas (and Solutions) for Power Plant Project Managers

Technology has invaded nearly every corner of the business world, with tools such as robust data analytics driving more strategic decisions than ever before. For power plant project managers, technology has created a few challenges along the way. Fortunately, with the right approach, project teams can overcome these gotchas and take advantage of everything technology offers.

Power Plant Projects Bring Unique Communication Challenges

Strong communication skills are a must for any project manager. But when it comes to planning and executing projects in the highly demanding power plant environment, the ability to craft, plan for, and oversee communication efforts moves to the top of the priority ladder. Tackling these unique challenges requires experience and expertise.

The Questions Your Project Team Isn’t Asking

Project management is built around gathering the right information, from establishing scope to obtaining quotes for services and materials. But sometimes project teams fall into a rut, asking the same questions instead of looking for new ways to delve into challenges that might yield more actionable—and accurate—data. The inquiries already being made are a valuable…

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Help Your Stakeholders Make Project Decisions

Project teams often utilize a number of strategies when making difficult or high-impact decisions. Communication channels, workflows, the use of external experts, even the Project Team’s reporting structure—they all play a role in helping PMP®s evaluate the available options and choose the best possible solution. It’s a system project teams refine as their portfolio matures…

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Passions can run high when it comes to project management. Project office members typically have a lot invested, from maintaining the support of a hard-to-please executive team to a desire to ensure the Project Team’s customer satisfaction remains high. Stakeholders may have different types of concerns—whether the project will really deliver the results they hope…

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Successfully executing a project—particularly those that are complex, long, or highly disruptive—requires serious commitment. That means stakeholders and sponsors must be as dedicated as the Project Team team is to seeing the project through to the end. Unfortunately, the necessary level of commitment can sometimes be difficult to attain (and maintain).


One primary objective in project management is to create happy stakeholders. Whether it’s helping users do their jobs more efficiently or enabling the leadership team to increase the organization’s revenue levels, meeting and exceeding stakeholders’ expectations is a big part of the job. But project teams that leave it at that may end up missing…

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Overcoming Common Project Leadership Challenges

Project management leaders have a lot on their plates, and are faced with specific leadership challenges. They’re charged with executing projects successfully while also overseeing budgets, soliciting stakeholder support, negotiating contracts and vendor agreements, supporting strategic initiatives, and developing their employees’ skills and expertise. With everything going on in the typical Project Team, leadership challenges are…

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