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How Healthy is Your Project Portfolio?

Building a healthy project portfolio is about more than successfully executing individual projects. Keeping your portfolio in good condition also requires consistent performance that delivers optimal results, gives your business the best return on its investments, and efficiently limits the impacts from any complications or risks. Many organizations don’t have the controls or data analysis…

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Don’t Make These 4 Project Portfolio Management Mistakes

Managing a portfolio of projects, whether it’s a limited group of just a few important initiatives or an ever-evolving train of linked strategic ventures, requires careful attention. It can be difficult for a company to carve out the time and assign the resources to properly manage their portfolio, but without the right methodology and expertise…

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Remote Project Management: Keep Your Portfolio Healthy

Portfolio management isn’t always the first thing project teams think about when shifting to a remote work structure, but it’s crucial that PMs maintain good awareness of the organization’s broader portfolio during times of transition. Driving productive conversations to enable that awareness, however, can be daunting when business leaders are working from home (WFH) or…

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