Managing Project Expectations

Manage Today’s Project Stakeholder Expectations

The pace of business today can be downright frantic at times. Given the scope of activities within a normal project and the number of people involved in even relatively small efforts, PMs often face additional challenges keeping up. Not only does their team have access to more technology tools than ever before, they also have…

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Keep Your Team Focused on Project Improvement

Continuous project improvement is a target for many organizations, but sustaining the focus over the long term can be difficult. Project teams may experience burnout after a period of time. People could become frustrated if improvements don’t happen as quickly as they hoped or if it seems their contributions aren’t being recognized. In some cases,…

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Align Project Results and Expectations

Have you encountered a project that didn’t turn out the way stakeholders thought it would? Or maybe you discovered that different groups—project team members, leadership staff, sponsors, and end users—each expected different things. Why does this happen? And what can you and your team do to avoid it?

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