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The foundation for successful projects is the use of a formal, proactive control process continuously over the life of the project.  Though most studies agree on its importance, the control process tends to be the single most common element that project teams underemphasize. PMAlliance can help implement a best in class, proven control process that does not create an undue burden on the team.

By using our formal approach your teams and executive sponsors will realize a number of advantages:

  1. They will have an early warning system that alerts them to project problems while there is still time to take corrective action

  2. They will have a neutral, non-subjective assessment of the status of the project on a regular basis

  3. They will have a mechanism that will allow project managers to keep the team focused on the project especially when team members are assigned to multiple projects

  4. They will have a process that ensures their project plans are continually updated

In addition to being formal, an effective project control process must also be proactive.  We believe that the emphasis in project control should be placed on resolving future problems rather than “fire fighting” problems that have already occurred.  PMAlliance incorporates a number of important techniques into our Duration-Driven control process that make it proactive:

  1. We require all team members to reconfirm near-term commitments on a weekly basis,

  2. We create a completion-oriented atmosphere where the emphasis is placed on problem solving and achieving results rather than assigning blame,

  3. We work with project managers to create a team environment where it is “safe to tell the truth”

  4. We work to ensure that any deviations or slippage in the plan are dealt-with and resolved quickly.

But how do we do it?  First we start with a good quality, network-based project plan that was developed using our Duration-Driven techniques.

Then on a weekly basis, PMAlliance consultants facilitate a structured, disciplined control process that incorporates the latest technologies for collection, analysis, and reporting of project information.

For project teams to be successful they need to have an accurate and reliable project plan not only in the beginning, but also throughout the duration of the project.  The PMAlliance Control Process ensures on an on-going basis that project teams have an up-to-date project plan they can use to identify problems and make smart decisions that drive the success of their projects.

For more about our project planning approach, check out our video on: Duration-Driven Methodology.

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