4 Places To Find Outside Project Support

Sometimes your Project Team needs project support that just isn’t available within—things like information, guidance, objective feedback, and maybe even financial assistance. Vendors can often provide the aid you need, but if you’re looking for something a little different (or something free), here are 4 external places to look for help.

1 – Local governments. The city, county, or even state you’re working in may have a range of resources available to you just for the asking. Answers to permitting questions, input on rallying community support for your project, information about plans for regional growth, and tips on which assistance programs or tax deferral schedules may be available for your project can often be had through the liaisons in local government.

2 – Business networking groups. It’s often possible to find niche information through networking groups that focus on a particular industry or specialty. These organizations frequently schedule workshops and educational events for members, and may also be able to connect you with experts willing to offer help or project support on an individual basis.

3 – Non-profit organizations. An enormous range of groups exist in the non-profit realm. Some focus on specific industries, others on the needs of distinct populations, still others on environmental concerns—and that’s just scratching the surface. Determine what sort of help you need and see if there’s a non-profit working in the same area. In return for the assistance they offer, it may be appropriate to make a donation or provide support in some other way.

4 – Utilities. Many local utilities, such as water districts and gas/oil/electricity suppliers, have experts available who can help you tackle energy usage issues, formulate ways to reduce consumption, and retrofit outdated facilities to take advantage of cleaner energy sources. They may also have incentive programs open to help pay for energy aspects of a project.


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