Project Management Checklists

3 Tips to Master New Types of Projects

Most project teams have a standard repertoire of projects they execute on a regular basis. With a few variations here and there, your routine may consistent mostly of developing new software or retooling manufacturing processes. But companies occasionally encounter firsts—bringing their debut product to market, for example, or adding a function they haven’t supported before.

Is Your Project Management Control Process Working?

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine how well your Project Team’s project management control process is actually working. Is your team constantly occupied with too many tasks to manage and not enough people to get everything done? Do your projects come in late more often than they’re on time? Are you spending so much energy responding to last-minute problems that you aren’t able to focus on your current tasks? Has the team’s mood started to slip?

5 Trends That Spell Project Trouble

One important skill PMP®s possess is the ability to spot trends and determine what impact they may have on a project. That same competency can benefit the team in other ways, too. Aside from typical concerns—difficult labor market conditions, lack of raw materials availability, etc.—project teams should also be attuned to internal trends that could…

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New Year’s Resolutions, Pmp Style

We all do it. January rolls around and everyone looks ahead to all the things they want to accomplish. Resolutions can be an inspiring way to kick off the new year, but what happens, months later, when nothing has been achieved and the commitment fades? There are many reasons New Year’s resolutions never come to…

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5 Common Project Review Mistakes

Like most tools available to PMP®s, the project post-mortem can be either more or less valuable depending on how effectively it’s utilized. And though teams may be diligent in reviewing past projects, they could be missing important details and opportunities for improvement. If your Project Team wants to increase the benefits gained from the project…

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7 Tips For Process Change Success

Making changes to internal processes can be extraordinarily difficult. Most processes—though they’re often linear in design—have branches that connect with other process, that impact other groups, and that may rely on resources far outside the control of the project’s sponsor group. And while executing process changes can present teams with a real challenge, a handful…

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Is Your Project Team Rewarding The Right People?

Project offices are typically full of high-performing employees who each play a key role in the team’s success. Rewarding these hard workers may seem easy, but a number of factors sometimes lead to one or two Project Team members receiving most of the accolades while the rest toil away unnoticed in the shadows. One element…

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Lock Down Project Communication Leaks

Leaked information is all over the place, from rumors about a star pitcher’s potential injury to which fast food chains are talking about a merger. But sometimes PMP®s have their own leaks to worry about. Project information may be inadvertently disclosed before it’s finalized, or a project team member might reveal details that haven’t yet…

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If your Project Team isn’t learning something new each time it executes a project, then the project management team isn’t spending as much time on improvement efforts as it should. The lessons don’t need to be earth shattering or obscure, but the Project Team should be able to take something constructive from every project. Is…

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In addition to the standard exit interviews most organizations carry out, there are also a handful of additional items the project team should close the loop on whenever a project management professional or other key Project Team member leaves. By working through the following 6 items, the project office will be ready to continue moving forward…

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