Managing Teams

Project Software and You

Project Software and other technology tools drive many business functions—from the routine to the critical—and project management is no different. There are a number of platforms out there to help teams keep track of their project activities. Some systems help with scheduling labor, others with resource allocations, and still others focus on budget adherence. A…

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Break Down Your Project Silos

The silo mentality can be a serious threat to a project. It closes team members off from each other and stifles the flow of information. The ability to make good business decisions, develop resolutions to problems, and even properly identify issues are all diminished if cooperation among cross-functional groups is hampered by organizational project silos….

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4 Reasons Your Project Team Needs to Be Engaged

When it comes to developing a thorough and workable project plan, team participation sounds like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, PMs sometimes forego involving the wider team in these crucial early project planning efforts. The reasons for their decision vary, but two of the most common explanations are also the simplest: The time and effort required. Executives…

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No Integrated Project Plan? Beware the Risks.

The development of an integrated project plan is crucial, particularly when your project involves disparate sub-teams. You might have internal stakeholders carrying out important tasks, such as when the IT department tackles infrastructure upgrades necessary to support a new software platform, or a business unit must revise their existing workflows to accommodate an expanded production…

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Technology Projects Benefit From Outside PM Support

Technology is a driving force behind most business operations today. With so many back-end processes dependent on tech, technology projects to install, expand, and improve these vital systems are a top priority for most companies. But unless tech is your organization’s core business, you probably need to rely on vendors to help out when it’s…

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Resource Risks Project Teams Must Address

Project resource management is a big component in many projects, but there are some resource risk areas that even very experienced PMs may sometimes overlook. Because these issues can cause big delays and budget overruns, teams should put a priority on identifying and mitigating resource risks early in the planning process. Leveraging internal staff is…

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Wrangling Project Communication Issues on Your Team

Projects that have clear and ongoing project communication issues eventually become plagued with problems. You’ve probably seen it before: The people responsible for managing schedules and monitoring progress are seen huddled in a corner solving problems, but the issues they’re working on and the solutions they’re developing to address them aren’t always communicated outside the…

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Don’t Ignore an Unworkable Project Plan

When time is tight and there’s pressure to get a project underway as quickly as possible, it might be tempting to ignore concerns that might keep you from revising a project plan that is out of whack. You probably know the feeling—you’ve seen the plan but you don’t think it can possibly be executed as…

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Managing Sensitive Projects: Include These Skills On Your Team

Now and then an organization may encounter sensitive projects. It might be confidential internally, such as initiatives that will result in the relocation of a portion of the company or lead to a reduction in the overall workforce. On the other hand, projects could be sensitive outside the business because they are intended to change…

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Causes of Project Scope Creep

Project managers can usually spot scope creep once it appears, but by that point the damage has already begun and it’s a challenge to get things back in line. Sometimes the hardest part of fixing a problem is knowing why it happened in the first place. That’s the case with teams that find themselves hindered by a scope that has grown out of control.