Why Power Plant Projects need Real-Time Status Updates


Information is one of the core pillars underpinning every successful project. With the evolution of technology and more compute power available than ever before, there’s little reason centers of excellence should continue to rely on data that may be days or even weeks old when it comes to identifying potential issues, forecasting activity schedules, making strategic decisions, and pouncing on opportunities in the marketplace.

A robust project management methodology enables the team to access the kind of real-time status updates that are critical to success. If your PMO hasn’t yet prioritized the use of real-time data, consider how it could improve the landscape for team members, executives, and the other stakeholders involved in the effort.

Technology Gotchas (and Solutions) for Power Plant Project Managers


Technology has invaded nearly every corner of the business world, with tools such as robust data analytics driving more strategic decisions than ever before. For power plant project managers, technology has created a few challenges along the way. Fortunately, with the right approach, project teams can overcome these gotchas and take advantage of everything technology offers.

Power Plant Projects Bring Unique Communication Challenges


Strong communication skills are a must for any project manager. But when it comes to planning and executing projects in the highly demanding power plant environment, the ability to craft, plan for, and oversee communication efforts moves to the top of the priority ladder. Tackling these unique challenges requires experience and expertise.

Cracking The Nut Of Competing Project Objectives

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One potential issue for project teams is the existence of competing objectives. Whether it’s an individual sponsor or an entire group of end users, there might come a time when stakeholders are focused on achieving things other than the project’s stated goals. They may be at odds with each other about what’s important, leading to…

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The Cost Of Panic In The Project Team


Panic within the project team is never a good thing. Most teams operate under some level of pressure that trends up and down depending on workloads and the nature of the current project portfolio. Garden-variety pressure is healthy, prompting teams to find new ways to increase efficiency and to focus on what’s important. Panic, on the…

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Ditch Inefficient Customs, Keep The Positive Culture

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Deep-seated inefficiencies that stifle project efforts are often blamed on an organization’s culture. It’s a convenient explanation but one that doesn’t offer much help to the project teams trying to pursue progress. Changing (or even questioning) a company’s culture is sometimes seen as taboo. Other organizations have different cultures for different groups, leading to a…

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Help Your Stakeholders Make Project Decisions

Find the best project sponsors

Project teams often utilize a number of strategies when making difficult or high-impact decisions. Communication channels, workflows, the use of external experts, even the PMO’s reporting structure—they all play a role in helping PMP®s evaluate the available options and choose the best possible solution. It’s a system project teams refine as their portfolio matures and…

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Boost Project Budget Adherence With An Outside Consultant

project management consulting help

There are many reasons to partner with an outside consulting firm. Some PMOs need the help of an expert with a neutral perspective, for example, while others are looking for guidance in a specific niche to augment their internal knowledge base. Many project teams simply need the assistance of a firm with experience in strong…

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Costs And Benefits Of Working With An Outside Consultancy


Worried you can’t afford the support of an external project partner? You aren’t alone. Project teams often recognize the need for—and usefulness of—outside consultancy firms, but many harbor concerns about the cost or feel they won’t be able to justify the expenditure to the organization’s leadership team. Before your PMO completely writes off the possibility…

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How much is lack of adequate training hurting your organization?

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It’s not surprising to learn that lack of adequate project management training for team members can have a devastating impact on your project timelines and budget. See how a trained versus untrained team can impact your projects, but more importantly, your ability to make informed business decisions that could seriously impact your organization’s future. Want…

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