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Project Management Consulting
Project Management Case Studies
Project Management Consulting Case Studies


At PMAlliance we partner with our clients to provide mission-critical project management training and project management consulting services. Through our Duration-Driven® methodology, the name PMAlliance has become synonymous with trust, reliability and success.

We are a PMI-certified REP

Project Management Consulting PMI Certified Rep

We specialize in project management consulting, training and PMO development services.

Our Services

Project Management Consulting

Project Management Consulting

Our consultants provide world-class facilitation
and planning services to help our clients
develop and maintain their plans…

Custom Project Management Solutions

Customized PM Solutions

Our customized solutions are built around a proven methodology and tailored to the client’s needs…

Our Methodology | Your Success®

Project Management isn't just about timelines and deliverables, it's also about your firm's profits, reputation, stability and growth. In today's competitive business environment, companies must be able to deliver the benefits of successful projects in a more cost-effective manner.

From time to time companies embark on projects that are strategic in nature and simply “too important to fail”. Strategic Projects also tend to be extraordinarily complex relative to other projects that companies undertake. They require an elevated level of project management expertise, advanced diagnostic tools and a higher degree of focus than what organizations can typically provide internally.

At PMAlliance we utilize our Duration-Driven® methodology to enable our clients to successfully complete their strategic projects on-time, within budget and to the intended level of quality.

We provide a flexible combination of project management services including a PMI-certified project management training curriculum, best-in-class project management consulting services, end-to-end PMO development and proprietary software add-in tools.

Project Management Training

Project Management Training

Our industry experience and PMI-certified
training helps client teams build a foundation
for success…

Project Management Office | PMO

PMO Development

We develop, implement and support project offices in companies worldwide…

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