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Partnering with an External Consultancy: Facts & Fears


Executive groups and internal project team members are often unsure what it means to partner with an outside project management firm. There may be concerns about job stability for PMO staff or the potential for damage to the team’s reputation. Some people worry about the logistics of working with an external expert and how it might contribute to a difficult environment, where workloads, time pressures, and stress levels are already high.

These are reasonable concerns but they’re typically based on the unknown. They don’t reflect the reality of partnering with an experienced outside consultancy. We’ve compiled some of the most common fears we hear from potential clients and balanced them against the facts of how a relationship with an external expert functions in the real world.

If your organization is considering an external consultancy but fear is holding you back, see how a partnership with an outside project management expert really works.

Boosting Long-Term Project Performance With An Outside Consultancy

power from an outside consultant

Project teams often partner with outside consultancies for a finite period of time, whether it’s to plan and execute a few specific projects or to work through challenges for the duration of a budget cycle. While that active time is important in the growth of the PMO, savvy project teams should also be looking longer…

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Outside Consultancies Fill Multiple Roles

Consultants fill multiple roles

Every project office has its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. As time goes on, the needs of a PMO routinely change and additional areas of necessary expertise often emerge. New projects may require different or more advanced skills than the organization possesses in-house. Key members might have left the team or they could…

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Does Your Outside Consulting Firm Really Know You?

Optometry Tools

Working with an external consultancy offers the opportunity to leverage a slew of resources that likely don’t exist at the same level in your PMO. But some project teams worry that an outside firm won’t really understand what the team does or how the organization operates. Overcoming this stumbling block requires the team to recognize…

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Be More Transparent With An Outside Consultancy

Be Transparent

The drive to increase transparency is a top-level mission in many organizations. It’s also a priority for PMOs, where activities typically occur under intense scrutiny and where PMP®s frequently work with first-time internal customers who may not understand how projects are executed or what the team’s role is in the grand scheme of things. This…

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4 Signs Your PMO Should Be More Proactive


Project teams are always on the prowl for ways to be more proactive. Whether it’s managing stakeholder communications, addressing potential resource allocation conflicts, or developing an effective training program, a proactive approach offers better and more consistent results. If the following reactive habits continue to lurk within your PMO, take the opportunity to improve the…

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Competitive Advantages Of An Outside Consulting Firm

Competitive advantage

The right outside partnership can pay huge dividends, not just during a project’s active lifecycle but also long afterward in ongoing benefits to the PMO. In fact, savvy project teams should plan to turn the lessons learned from working with an external consultancy into a competitive advantage that increases morale, attracts higher-quality candidates, and cements…

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Your Project Is Not Special

It’s a premise that goes against everything many PMP®s hold near and dear. Conditioned to see each project as a unique set of challenges in need of highly-targeted solutions, it can be difficult for those in the PMO to shift their thinking and instead view projects in more standardized terms. But it’s a fundamental change…

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Want to Make Your PMO Look Better? Perform Better!

High Performance project management Team

It’s common for project teams to worry that a high-performing outside consultancy could make the PMO’s efforts look bad by comparison. However, the opposite is actually true. An external partner, bringing objective insight and a wealth of knowledge that crosses many types of organizations, can make your internal lead look even better. By tapping your…

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Help Your Stakeholders Make Project Decisions

Find the best project sponsors

Project teams often utilize a number of strategies when making difficult or high-impact decisions. Communication channels, workflows, the use of external experts, even the PMO’s reporting structure—they all play a role in helping PMP®s evaluate the available options and choose the best possible solution. It’s a system project teams refine as their portfolio matures and…

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