Top 5 Reasons Projects Fail

Since 2003, PMAlliance has provided project management consulting services to numerous Fortune 500 companies. Most of these organizations initially came to us because they had an important project that was in deep trouble. We use our methodology, tools, and expertise to rescue these at-risk projects and bring off-kilter initiatives back onto the path to success. Looking back across the projects we’ve helped return to a stable course, we identified five reasons projects most commonly run into problems:

1. Poor communication
2. Lack of project management training
3. Misalignment within the organization
4. Absence of a formal project management methodology
5. Insufficient facilitation and leadership skills

To achieve consistent success, it’s important to understand these failure points and how to prevent them from interfering with your project.


[image_box title=”Top Five Reasons Projects Fail (And How You Can Save Them)” subtitle=”Download Our Ebook” link=”” link_text=”Download” width=”100%” background=””] Excerpt: “Too often, team members, project managers, and project sponsors haven’t received formal training in project management techniques that are used during planning and control. The result is inconsistency across the team on everything from common definitions to the understanding of important project management concepts.”[/image_box]


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