Project Management Control Process

Benefits of Using a Formal Project Process

Organizations frequently carry out projects without using any sort of formal project process. This approach may be suitable to get them through small or routine initiatives, where the task list is straightforward and time pressures are minimal. However, trying to make do with an ad hoc strategy when a project is strategically important or when…

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Is Your Project Management Control Process Working?

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine how well your Project Team’s project management control process is actually working. Is your team constantly occupied with too many tasks to manage and not enough people to get everything done? Do your projects come in late more often than they’re on time? Are you spending so much energy responding to last-minute problems that you aren’t able to focus on your current tasks? Has the team’s mood started to slip?

Confronting the Ugly Truth About Project Scope Creep

Scope creep—that phenomenon where a project’s achievable’s grow beyond what was agreed upon at the outset—is often seen as the scourge of project management professionals. Project Teams put significant energy into avoiding scope creep, but they should also look at the other side of the equation if they really want to conquer uncontrolled scope growth….

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