Project Critical Paths

Has Your Project’s Critical Path Become a Moving Target?

Despite your best efforts, it’s possible some confusion could develop around your project’s critical path. The executives’ view on the initiative’s scope might evolve over time, pushing the schedule and budget into chaos. Or your team may not fully understand where the different paths rank in priority, instead treating them all as equally important. No…

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Managing Projects with Multiple Critical Paths

Complex projects often have more than one critical path, and in order for the project to reach a successful completion, each of these paths must be carefully managed. Even if the primary path is achieved, a lack of progress on any of the follow-on paths could doom the project to failure in the long run.

Teams that execute these challenging projects need to be mindful of what it takes to manage multiple layers of requirements and actions. A strong awareness of all the paths that make up a project is critical if the Project Team wants to ensure that nothing falls behind schedule or drops off the radar.

If your center of excellence is facing a can’t-fail project with multiple paths, it’s important to understand the risks that exists and where opportunities for success can be found.

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