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Control Conflict With A Skilled External Facilitator

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Most project teams endure conflict without a hitch. It’s a normal part of the process and an activity that helps the team make the best decisions and craft the most efficient solutions to problems. But if stakeholders or others are particularly onerous—or if one party has enough influence to quell dissenters and get their way…

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Are You Still Making These Project Budget Mistakes?

The budget process is often fairly clear cut, with reviews and approvals a well-worn process. But some project teams continue to make a handful of base-level mistakes that could cause them serious problems down the road. If your Project Team encounters challenges in the budget development cycle, consider if you’re inadvertently falling into one of…

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Boost Project Budget Adherence With An Outside Consultant

There are many reasons to partner with an outside consulting firm. Some Project Teams need the help of an expert with a neutral perspective, for example, while others are looking for guidance in a specific niche to augment their internal knowledge base. Many project teams simply need the assistance of a firm with experience in…

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