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3 Times Your Project Productivity Will Suffer (And What to Do About it)

Maintaining strong productivity throughout your project’s lifecycle—across all the functional areas working to move an initiative from planning to execution—is a core component in achieving consistent project success. Difficult situations, however, often create challenges when it comes to keeping productivity levels up. Our project management consultants have helped high-functioning organizations work through complex productivity hurdles,…

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6 Strategies to Manage Low-Priority Projects

It’s important that PMs regularly assess their organization’s entire project portfolio. Recurring reviews enable them to ensure each initiative is properly prioritized against the business’s needs and available project management support, and that any opportunities to share resources or consolidate workloads across projects have been identified and evaluated. But when time is short, you want…

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3 Reasons Projects Get Bogged Down

Everyone in your project team is busy but your initiative isn’t moving ahead. You may be stalled trying to get through a particular sequence of tasks or it might seem like every new activity experiences delays. Sound familiar? You aren’t alone. Even seasoned project teams occasionally run into situations where progress comes to a standstill….

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4 Signs Your Project Team Needs Better Training

Issues that are of immediate importance consume much of a PM’s time. This is especially true when the schedule is busy with active projects and additional initiatives are waiting in the wings to launch. Near-term problems such as schedule delays and funding concerns are just a few of the items vying for attention. As a…

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How Fear Can Doom Your Project

Fear is a powerful force. While it can have positive impacts—helping to prod people from inertia into action, for example, or heightening their awareness of potential risks—in project management it often triggers significant negative effects. When fears aren’t addressed and carefully managed, either through a concerted effort spearheaded by a seasoned PM or with the…

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